HP Mobile Print Accessory

“No matter where you work having the flexibility to print on the go is important. Watch how the HP Mobile Print Accessory can add mobility to your small business.” Strike Anywhere produced a commercial for Hewlett-Packard in which I portrayed a busy restaurant manager operating easily with the assistance of the HP MPA.

Jerry Garcia Artwear

The Grateful Girls have produced a line of scarves inspired by the artwork of The Grateful Dead’s legendary guitarist, Jerry Garcia.  Theses girls have used their passions to present this new line of women’s scarves that are both wearable and collectible, Garcia Artwear. Here are some of the photos that are a part of their Instagram PR campaign.

Ladies of Steampunk Magazine

Showcasing custom button-tab corsets by Butterfly Frillies in a Steampunk fashion pictorial. Also in this premiere issue of Ladies of Steampunk , is the sensual and very provocative, Kato. She is well known for her neo-Victorian fashion erotica, Steam Girl (NSFW) and her Steampunk clothing company, Steampunk Couture.